Newtopia 4.4

Photo par D.Tsiapkinis

4.4 is the last version of Newtopia 4 for the season 2016-2017.

It is programmed for May 17th, 2017 at the Pléiade, La Riche (37520), France.



Program :

Form-Dis(-in)form (2017)

Conception / direction : Dimitri TSIAPKINIS
Assistant choreographer : Ahlam ETTAMRI

Co-authors – performers: Emilie COUDERE, Bruno MORIN, Rosa PIRES DE MATOS, Keely SIGOT, Dimitri TSIAPKINIS

Music : Keely SIGOT

Lighting design/technical direction : Marine POURQUIÉ

Length : ~ 40 min

Concept :

“Form-di(-in)form” is a dance performance, born from the collaboration between professional dancers and amateurs, with the support the University Hospital of Tours (psychiatry department). It is about exploring human interactions through improvisation, the relationship between group and individual, in an inclusive approach of expressivities within a heterogeneous group.
“… a game of tensions, choreographic explorations inspired by the creative impulses of the participants and questioning community. ”

The framework, the form, the norm, the political manipulations of public opinion : are we approaching a time when chaos was inevitable? A disintegration of old forms that gives way to new paradigms?

More info : Disinformation!



Moon eaters II

Conception / direction : Dimitri TSIAPKINIS

Pedagogical supervisor : Valérie BRUEZ

A choreographic  performance by the students and employees of the University of Orléans / SUAPSE and co-produced by the CCN of Orléans

Performers : Vanessa CHENINI, Atiti COMTÉ, Nana Efua ENYIMAYEW, Doriane LIGER, Alice LOMBARD, Catherine MUNIER, Clémence PRÉVAULT, Eve-Marie TISSIER

Lighting design/technical direction : Marine POURQUIÉ

Length : ~ 20min

Concept :

After a sensitive but also explosive first version by the team of the University of St. John of York (Flight Effect) and a tour in Northern England, here is a new (re-) interpretation, reconstructed on the same themes: the Notion of “folly”, archetypes of the feminine, limit states, trance, transgressions, social cohesion, singularity …

This time the dancers come from the University of Orléans. They will actively participate in the construction of the choreographic content – like their English comrades – by bringing in movement, texts and dramaturgical suggestions.

More Info : Moon Eaters II

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