Newtopia 5.3

Photo by Rod Waddington (CC BY-SA 2.0)

Newtopia 5.3 / Measuring the Wall


In partnership with the Arpents d’Art, dans le cadre de IN // OFF Festival,

vendredi 30 juin 2017 à 20H, à la Salle Jacques Villeret, 11 rue de Saussure-les Fontaines, 37200 Tours

Entry fee : 5€ / Free (unemployed).

Reservations : or at +33 2 47 51 36 58

A propos: 

5 years have passed already since the first attempts of the team of Omnivion to poetize madness, to question our preconceived notions on expressive and creative normality. As Newtopia 5 focuses on the promotion of past artistic proposals, we will highlight a performance presented in December at the St. Anne Chapel. However, overflowing with creativity and inspired by the artistic impetus of Arpents d’Art, we will also present a new performance in collaboration with their members!

The subject : Walls as boundaries, as limits, as symbols of distrust of others. We will tear them apart with our dances and our cries, to nourish new trust towards human nature, towards ourselves.

The Newtopia project – since 2013 – is for the Association Omnivion and its partners, a powerful factor of gathering, cooperation and valorization. A series of choreographic events realized through a collaboration between amateurs and professionals in link to the CHRU of Tours (psychiatry department). It is a collection of aesthetic forms that promote a sensitive reciprocity and question living and acting together in society.



Program :

SILENCE OF THE GOATS (2016) / postural & vocal performance  (20 min)

Dimitri Tsiapkinis en collaboration avec Roland Lebret et Claire Guillaume. In his text “… just before tomorrow” Roland Lebret speaks of another silence that invades our worlds, an entropic silence generated by the violence of man, blind and self-destructive. With what gestures do we respond to this call, this cry?

Performers : Claire Guillaume, Roland Lebret


WHAT THE WALLS WHISPER (2017) / postural & vocal performance (20 min)

A collective work of the teams of Omnivion and Arpents d’Art. Roland Lebret in collaboration with Dimitri Tsiapkinis propose a performance that questions the divisions of all kinds, imposed by our societies and especially by ourselves.

Performers : Gilles Lolivier, Fréderic Simon, Bruno Morin, Carl Loiseau, Cécile Lebret, Rosa Pires de Matos, Roland Lebret, Quentin Perrotte, Patrick Robert.



Partners & sponsorship :

DRAC Centre, ARS Centre, Fonds de dotation Transept37, CHRU de Tours, Arpents d’Art, Ville de ToursCentre Sociale la Rabière.





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