Newtopia 7

Photo (edit) par Bernard Duret

Newtopia 7 (2019)

Inclusive choreographic and artistic events developed around the theme of living together in community. We are intrigued by the ancestral desire to gather in large numbers and evolve as a community. This year we will study experiences of living together in a democracy. And we will do so with our poetic tools, with our bodies, with our fragilities, with our singularities. What world can we imagine for tomorrow? Again and again this question. It is our duty and pleasure to contemplate in a creative mode and seek to transform ourselves.

Democracy seems to be one of the greatest human inventions. How could we develop it through the art of dance?

With Newtopia 7, Dimitri Tsiapkinis, the Omnivion team and its partners, renew their artistic and solidarity commitment to face the social challenges of our century: immigration, cultural diversity, resource sharing, equity, social justice, democracy. Enjoying and striving to affirm experimental projects that explore pedagogical approaches in contemporary dance, in the psychiatric context (University Hospital of Tours).

On the agenda: a new creation, performances by guest artists, documentary screenings and a photo exhibition. This year’s main creation is Polite(ΐ)es and will once again be in a partnership with the Pleiade! In addition, we will have the pleasure of welcoming a choreographer from Milos, Greece: Filio Louvari! We are waiting for you to dance and exchange!

<< 7-31 January 2019 : Final exposition Closer to One’s self through Movement, by Bernard Duret, Centre Gentiana / Léo Lagrange / Tours (37000). Vernissage on January the 10th, at 6PM.

<< 17 January 2019 : Newtopia 7.1 / Pédagogies alternatives et démocratie à l’école, film projection Être plutôt qu’Avoir by Agnès Fouilleux (France-2018-1h28) & debate, in partnership with the CEMEA and the CNP (Cinéma National Populaire) at the Cinémas Studio / Tours (37000)

<< 22 January 2019 : Newtopia 7.1 / Dance Conference : Inclusive dance, with Dimitri Tsiapkinis et the APAJ37, Tours (37000)

<< 8 March 2019 : Newtopia 7.2, Aesop, Tales of Censorship / performances, Salle Ockengem, Tours (37000)

<< 27 September 2019 : Newtopia 7.4, / Politeïes and Thylax (0,2), at the Pléiade / La Riche (37520)

<< 5 October 2019 : Newtopia 7.5 : Being Other / Extatic Body, photography byDimitri Tsiapkinis, at the bar le Strapontin in Tours (37000)

<<15 November 2019 : Newtopia 7.6, lecture and dance performance by Dimitri Tsiapkinis and screening of the documentary Indigo, Couleur du temps by Bertrand Girard, at the Journées Annuelles de Thérapies Psychomotrices, in Tours (37000).

<< 7 December 2019 : Newtopia 7.7, at the Trousseau Hospital of Tours, Chambray-lès-Tours (37170)

<< 20 December 2019 : Newtopia 7.3, performances, at the Centre Social la Rabière / Joué-lès-Tours (37300)


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