Metanymphes (2021-2022)

Photo par Dimitri Tsiapkinis


«Metanymphes» (2021)


A Newtopia project (Dance and Mental Health) as part of Extatic Bodies 2021, co-produced with the International Center for Dance & Theater of Milos / Subsidized by the DRAC and ARS Center and the City of Tours and with the support of the Municipality of Milos.


PHOTOS 2022 : flickr/METANYMPHES 2022

The title Metanymphes – a neologism that resonates with the Greek word nymph (larva) – refers to the process of continuous transformation. Ancient Greek theater, through speech, movement and music, accelerated political thought and enriched democracy. From this point of view, the proposed choreographic project is in a dynamic of political and cultural renewal.

[The show]

It is an exciting experience with monologues, sensitive corporealities, dazzling dances. In the first part, the director and choreographer Filio Louvari resonates with the artistic and philosophical concerns of Dimitri Tsiapkinis, and with the happy collaboration of a teenager, Elena Koronaiou, offer us a…two-woman-show full of energy and humor exploring ecstatic impulses. In the second part a one-man-show by dancer-choreographer Dimitris Tsiapkinis, with a jubilant self-analytical posture, a sort of metamodern satire.


What’s the relationship of a modern European citizen with his breath? How does a teenage girl from Milos (Cyclades / Greece) perceive the archetypal symbols of the history of her country? How does the ancient city of Milos lead us to poetically examine space and time? Can kinesthetic research partly cure our postmodern neuroses? What is trance as a state of mind? Questions that we will study in a festive atmosphere, with humor, physical intensity and political anecdotes.



Conception / direction : Dimitri Tsiapkinis (Association Omnivion, France)

Choreography & staging : Filio Louvari & Dimitri Tsiapkinis

Interpretation : Elena Koronaiou, Filio Louvari, Dimitri Tsiapkinis

Lighting : Costas Blougouras

Photographer and chief  of the digital exhibition : Apostolos Zacharakis

Organisation & production, coordination : Filio Louvari

Production Assistants : Nadia Kyriakou, Elisabeth Kourti

Technical direction : Dimitris Poulimenos (Audiovisuel)

Vidéo editing : Nikos Liakakos, Stratos Tsialikis

Length : ~ 55min

Production : Omnivion/ Arts of Embodiment (France) & Center of Dance & Theatre of Milos (Greece)

– Subsidies from the Direction of Regional Affairs of Center-Loire-Valley and the City of Tours, France

– Sponsors : Imerys S.A, Lava SA, Petrakis Petrakis SA, SEAJETS, Petrinela’s Guest House, Antonis Poulakis



The premiere was on August 1st 2021, at 21pm, at the Ancient Theater of Milos (84800), Cyclades, Greece

Other dates :

January 22, 2022, at 19:00, at Vodanum, Rochecorbon (37210), France




Omnivion / Arts d’être corps, 40 Rue Origet, 37000 Tours / /

Center of Dance & Theatre of Milos / /