Newtopia 8.1

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Newtopia 8.1 (2020)

Movie-debate at the Studio Cinemas, in Tours (37000), on March 12, 2020, at 8:00 pm.

Omnivion (arts d’être corps) the CNP, Sébastien Russo (Trakt magazine) and the Arpents d’Art present a film evening, on the exciting work of 4 artists. A pretext to talk about psychiatry, or a pretext to talk about our relationship with madness?

“The history of psychiatry is political and social as well as medical. But the medical is not the only cause of psychiatry’s current malaise. A classification of behaviour has been added to medical diagnosis and pharmaceutical treatment. Neuroscience has liquidated psychoanalysis in the name of scientism. André Robillard, a psychiatric patient, met Jean Dubuffet (art brut). Delirium is a reconstruction, said FREUD, where reality has arisen and destroyed. The arts are part of this reconstruction.” Text by Roland Lebret (edited)

DOCUMENTARY : André and the martians
by Philippe Lespinasse (Fr-2016-66’)
DEBATE : Lise Gaignard (psychologist) and Sébastien Russo (artist / Magazine Trakt)

With Newtopia 8, Dimitri Tsiapkinis, the Omnivion team and its partners, reaffirm their artistic and solidarity commitment to face the social challenges of our century: immigration, cultural diversity, resource sharing, equity, social justice, ecology. Taking pleasure and fighting to affirm experimental projects that test pedagogical approaches in contemporary dance, in the psychiatric context (CHU de Tours).

We are waiting for you to watch and debate! :-)


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