Contemporary dance workshops in psychiatric centers

Photo by Dimitrios Tsiapkinis


Indigo, Lapis Lazuli an Violine except from the fact that they are colours, they have been chosen as code names for a series of dance education projects by Omnivion aiming for expressive emancipation and more specifically on transmitting contemporary dance in the psychiatric context. The participating hospitals are/were : The University Hospital of Tours, Château-Renault, Clinic of Vontes, Mental Health Pole Confluence, CESAP in Reugny (Polyhandicap) and the EHPAD of Plougourvest in Brittany (Alzheimer).

These projects question the status of the body-subject / sensitive body in the psychiatric hospital and its connections to the outside world. What’s the relevance of an expressivity project in the psychiatric context? Dimitri Tsiapkinis fulfilled a university research project (Master 2) that questions the relevance of this workshop; It is freely accessible (French language only) on the website of the UFP:

Today, these pedagogical adventures are part of the global project Newtopia and concern persons under medical treatment in various clinics of Tours. These patients are designated by the medical team, but most of them participate by their own motivation. The workshops also concern a part of the healthcare team who is involved with passion in this creative adventure, some for many years, professional and amateur dancers and other artists who have expressed a desire to practice their art in the mental health context. A solidary action gathering diverse media of expression and creativity to stimulate authenticity, social involvement and citizenship, while regenerating self confidence for its participants.

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