Contemporary dance workshop with Nina Dipla

7 steps – Photo copyright Nina Dipla


Nina Dipla : Opening, listening and stage presence

A wokshop co-organised by the Petit Morier and Sayaw!

This course is intended for dancers but also for actors and Circus artists. Inspired by the teaching of the Folkwang Hochschule by Pina Bausch, Nina Dipla’s method of work is based on the simplicity and the quality of the movement. Her personal research is based on breathing, use of the ground, use of the center, suspension, body weight. Nina will propose a work of opening body and mind by the use of voice, while leaving room for self-observation and partner perception. It will put forward the notion of simplicity of being present, being simply there, being concrete, without losing oneself…

Short bio :

A member of the Folkwang Tanzstudio since 1994, she worked with Pina Bausch. Since 1999, she has collaborated as an performer with various choreographers, composers and directors. She was a choreographic assistant at the Tanztheater Wuppertal (Pina Bausch) for  “Tannhäuser”. Nina currently lives in Paris where she teaches contemporary dance and offers workshops in France and abroad (Germany, Greece, Slovenia, Argentina, Italy, Brazil, Chile, Peru, Japan, Serbia, England, Cyprus, Switzerland, Sweden …).


Reservations :

Dates : 20-21 mai 2017

Time : 14H00-18H00

Price : 50€

Place: Petit Morier, 81 Boulevard Jean Royer, 37000 Tours (Bus 4, station Duplessis)

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