Moon Eaters II (2017)

Photo par Omnivion

Moon eaters II

Conception / direction : Dimitri Tsiapkinis

Pedagogical supervisor  : Valérie Bruez

A choreographic  performance by the students and employees of the University of Orléans / SUAPSE and co-produced by the CCN of Orléans

Performers : CHENINI Vanessa, COURTIAL Estelle, MUNIER Catherine, CONTE Atiti, LIGER Doriane, LOMBARD Alice, ENYMAYEN Nana Efuo, GUIMARAES Maylis, TISSIER Eve-Marie

Lighting design/technical direction : Marine POURQUIE

Length : ~ 25min



Concept :

After a sensitive but also explosive first version by the team of the University of St. John of York (Flight Effect) and a tour in Northern England, here is a new (re-) interpretation, reconstructed on the same themes: the Notion of “folly”, archetypes of the feminine, limit states, trance, transgressions, social cohesion, singularity …

This time the dancers come from the University of Orléans. They will actively participate in the construction of the choreographic content – like their English comrades – by bringing in movement, texts and dramaturgical suggestions.


Next performances:

5th of April 2017 : Bouillon Cultural Center, Orléans (45000)

17th of May 2017 : La Pléiade, La Riche (37520)

RESERVATIONS for the Pléiade



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