Newtopia 7.4

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Omnivion presents :

Newtopia 7.4 / The Enchanted Fall

27th of September 2019, at 8 p.m. at the Pléiade, la Riche (37520) / France.

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4th event of the Newtopia 7 series! A double evening, that concludes our residency at La Pléiade. A choreographic challenge for this heterogeneous group, composed mainly of amateur artist. Complex choreographic materials, literary and scientific texts that challenge our postures in the world, extravagant music… In the same evening, we will have the privilege of discovering an artist from Greece, Filio Louvari, with a solo created in 2011.We have once again been inspired by an idea of post-Jungian psychologist James Hillman, who claims “the multiplicity of voices, the Babel of the anima and the animus, without insisting on unifying them into a single figure, and also accepting the process of dissolution in diversity, as equal in value to the process of coagulation in unity. ” (J. Hillman, A Blue Fire, 1989, page 39)





20H00 < 0,2 / Thylax  

One Woman Show

Artistic Direction: Dimitri Tsiapkinis
Conception / Choreography : Filio Louvari and Dimitri Tsiapkinis
Interpretation : Filio Louvari
Length : ~ 30min

A performance that was presented in Greece in 2011, at the National Theater of Northern Greece / Abbey of Lazaristes.

Zero-Circle-Two (Thylax) is a performative experience with speech, bodily states and dance. It was created with a strong intuition, the conviction that a sensitive relationship with our bodies contributes to the emancipation of the individual. It participates in the deconstruction of our cultural prejudices, our reductionism of our ego- and ethno-centrisms… It stimulates us to invent new postures sensitive to the world, to recharge our batteries, to refocus. It leads us towards a dynamic of constant redefinition, psychologically and socially.

Filio Louvari, in resonance with Dimitri Tsiapkinis’ artistic and philosophical concerns, offers us a singular performance, a one-woman-show with lots of energy and humour: What kinesthetic bond links us to others? Can kinaesthesia cure us of our metamodern neurosis? Our frenetic omniviations, our daily rhythms that implode us? Questionning in a jubilant way, with humour and intense physicality, our civic postures.

More info : THYLAX!






Dance-theatrical performance


Conception / direction: Dimitri Tsiapkinis
Performed by the Omnivion team: Annaïck Nicolazic, Bruno Morin, Catherine Mondou, Cereza Candela, Christine Causera, Claire Guillaume, Constance Renard, Dianne Bikok, Dimitri Tsiapkinis, Emilie Coudère, Ghislaine Lorne, Gilles Lolivier, Keely Sigot, Kostas Papazoglou, Lilou Melamed, Lina Candela, Marie Renard, Nael Tsiapkinis, Nikicha Jaillette, Quentin Perrotte, Roland Lebret, Rosa Pires de Matos, Yvan Pousset
Lighting & stage management : Marine Pourquié
Length : ~ 55min

Polite(ΐ)es is a metamodern dance-theatre performance, developed through improvisation, divised theater, and the crossover of artistic disciplines. Developed by a team that includes professional and amateur artists, a few suffering psychopathologies. We needed to question our ideological attachments and aspirations about living in community. Each participant is invited to compose artistic actions on their political and social concerns. A choreographic jubilation of the expressive potential generated by a heterogeneous community that welcomes difference. Omnivion, participates in the reflection on the multiplicity of life, but through embodiment practices. A multiplicity that challenges the culture of normality, conformism, one track thinking. We continue to poetize madness, to question our assumptions about expressive and creative normalities.

Polite(ΐ)es is part of the  Newtopia 7 series (2019) a Dance & Mental Health event subsidized by the DRAC & ARS Centre (Culture & Health), the CHRU of Tours, the French Railways (SNCF) and the Transept37 Endowment Fund.

More info : POLITEïES


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