Golden Age

Golden Age is a choreographic experiment that explores contemporary tendencies in the domain of personal development and especially sensorial intelligence. It is a continuity of the previous solo of Dimitri, Delirium Tremens and as such it promotes an optimistic vision on the future of the global village. Thanks to the new wave of transparency through internet, and the permeability of cultures to new ideas and values, things seem to change radically in human societies. This one man show aims to be part of this wave of changes by promoting awareness, presence and sensibility and express them through states of body. Even though I promote awareness, I do not mean to fall into a naïve posture that avoids issues with violence. Violence is not a problem; it depends how one deals with his/her shadow issues, how one canalizes the dark forces that lie within. The kinesiological menu will include: physical theatre, sensitive reciprocity, martial arts, humor and contemporary dance. The content is strongly influenced by the research of Ken Wilber on Integral Theory, and paradigm of the Sensible of Danis Bois.

          Key questions: How to integrate rather than resist? How to incorporate instead of reject? How to transcend instead of eliminate? What dialectics are possible towards a stubborn egocentrism? How to integrate the divine without falling into kitsch, naivety or blasphemy for certain?  What if, after the crisis of values that our societies seem to go through, a Golden Age awaits us? How would this body celebrate it?

Questions that seek pathways towards a multi-perspective consciousness; a progressive « liberation » from dualistic tendencies. Instead of seeking the perfection of Utopias, let’s produce imperfect Newtopias; evolutivity will reveal worlds we haven’t yet imagined.

Choreography & performance : Dimitri Tsiapkinis

Live music : Evaggelos Demiropoulos

Lighting design : Kostas Danis

Make-up : Roula Georgiadou

Thanks to the support of

France : MJC Joués-les-Tours, the Pleiade (City of La Riche), National Choreographic Center of Tours, the Volapük

Greece : the Viky Sianou Dance School, the National Theater of Northern Greece, the Lyceum Club of Greek Women, Cornilia Sidira (Photography), Popi Sfika, Rodoula Gouliaberi, Christina Preftitsi

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