Newtopia 5

Photo by D.Tsiapkinis

Newtopia 5

A new wave of artistic and educational proposals on the theme of “dance, arts and mental health”.

Five years have passed since the first attempts of the Omnivion team to poetize madness, to question our assumptions about expressive and creative normalities.

Dimitri Tsiapkinis, our team and its partners, continue this collaborative and sustainable project initiated by the psychiatric department of Tours CHRU in 2006, well before the foundation of Omnivion. On a common idea of Evelyne Rebboh-Flachner (CHU psychologist) and Bernardo Montet (director of the CCNT until 2011), starts an experimental project that tests pedagogical approaches in contemporary dance, in the psychiatric context . Dimitri Tsiapkinis, present in the initial team and passionate about this domain, took over the direction of the workshop since its beginnings and put it in the center of the Omnivion objectives.

Today, after a multitude of performances and exhibitions, we want to share a bit further the work already done, in various places in Touraine and elsewhere. Thus, Newtopia 5 focuses on the promotion and re-valorisation of past artistic proposals, while continuing to present new performances in relation to local and regional artistic and scientific contexts.


Programmation  :

May 19th : Newtopia 5.1, at the IRFSS, Red Cross, Centre Val de Loire / Chambray-lès-Tours

June 13th : Newtopia 5.2, at the Social Center Rabière / Joué-lès-Tours

June 30th : Newtopia 5.3, at the Villeret Space / Tours (Fontaines)

December 9th : Newtopia 5.4, at the psychiatric clininics A & B of the Trousseau Hospital (Saint-Avertin).