Newtopia 2.1



First episode of the Newtopia 2 series at the  National choreographic Center of Tours, on September 19th, 2014 at 20:00.

Program :

  • Fraises Indigo (Strawberries – Indigo)

/ directed by Dimitri Tsiapkinis

Contemporary dance performance, result of the partnership between Omnivion and the CHRU of Tours, psychiatric services. It’s a collaboration between persons following a psychiatric treatement, Professional and amateur dancers, and medical team.

Performers : Zoé Bennett, Kevin Bricout, Cécile Cappozzo, Nathalie Cherel, Claire Gervais, Claire Guillaume, Carl Loiseau, Bruno Morin, Annaick Nicolazic, Rosa Pires de Matos.

Choreography assistant : Ahlam Ettamri

Lighting design : Renaud Chaillou


  • Duel of the Roses

/ directed by Ahlam Ettamri

Performance / improvisation.
Whose is this movement ?

Performers : Rosa Pires de Matos, Ahlam Ettamri.


  • Situations of access I

    Photography exhibition  :

    …by Bernard Duret.

With the support of :


640px-CHRU_logo_RVB logo-DRAC-Centre-23-11_imagelarge ARS_centre_124_71 640px-CHRU_logo_RVB logoCCNT

and the ARPENTS d’ART.

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