Newtopia 2.2

Graphisme par [PH] Ramboz / Photos par Bernard Duret

Graphics by [PH] Ramboz / Photos by Bernard Duret

Newtopia 2.2

Second part of Newtopia 2 … this event is a set of choreographic and visual arts proposals focusing on the sensitive body in the psychiatric context… at the Saint Ann Chapel, December 07th, at 15:30 and 19:30.
Price: 8 € / Reservations required, 50 people per session (RESERVATIONS)

Au programme :

  • Golden Age II

    Dance performances in search of poetic gestures between slow motion trance states and rational calculation. What is a sensitive body? Living Sculptures / Exposuitions of “Body States” in Spaces of the Saint Anne Chapel.
    Performers : Emilie Coudère, Nathalie Cherel, Claire Guillaume, Claire Gervais.

  • The mecanics of b(ea/i)ts

    [PH] Ramboz, Dimitri Tsiapkinis et logiciel informatique; un dialogue entre deux êtres vivants influencé par une interface informatique. La physiologie du mouvement en tension entre expressivité musicale ([PH]) et expressivité dansée (Dimitri).

  • Ternaires

    Dance, philosophy and martial arts performance. A mapping of the philosophical concepts promoted by Merleau-Ponty, Danis Bois, Edgar Morin, etc. An 11-year-old girl assists, in a curious way, in an interview on the sensitive-subject-body. The host: Roland Lebret (psychologist), the guest: Karine Grenier (practitioner in perceptive pedagogy and psychologist), the girl: Popée Gicquel (student in contemporary dance and practitioner in Chinese martial arts).

  • Lectures and dances

    Lectures of texts bye Daniil Kharms with dance improvisations by Rosa Pires de Matos.

  • Situations of access II

    Photography exposition :

    …by the photographer Bernard Duret, focusing on dance in mental health institutions. Creating photographic situations of acces with the experiences of the participants during the rehearsals of Newtopia 2.1.

  • Sky inside the nerves

    Video-dance :

    The result of a partnership between the Hospital of Lanmeur and the Mawguerite association, created by the filmmaker Raphaël Mathié and the choreographer Dimitri Tsiapkinis.
    A poetic encounter between teenagers of the college of Lanmeur and retired hospitalized citizens. (Photos : Mawguerite/Flickr)



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