‘Petites planètes’ Live cinema (Priscilla Telmon & Vincent Moon)

A-Église St Merry, Paris © Jeremie Bouillon

Omnivion had the pleasure to present :

Small planets’ Live cinema (Priscilla Telmon & Vincent Moon)

  • 9th of October 2021,8pm, at the Chapelle des Frères Mineurs, 8 Rue de la Pierre, 37100 Tours
  • 10th of October 2021, 8 pm at la Rabouilleuse, Quai de la Loire, 37210 Rochecorbon, France

TEASER : vimeo.com/petitesplanetes

“Live cinema is a captivating and haunting performance embracing in the same gesture live cinema and live music in search of a new ritualistic format.”

After performances in Montreal and Berlin this summer, the artist duo Priscilla Telmon & Vincent Moon are invited to Tours to accompany us to new ecstatic states. Corps Extatique (Newtopia 9) from 2021 is dedicated to those human states that escape the rational mind. An exploration of sounds, movements and images with the participation of the Omnivion team in the exceptional setting of the Chapelle of the Capucins and on the banks of the Loire.

 More info on Petites Planètes in english here : www.petitesplanetes.earth/live-cinemas