The Mechanics of the B(ea/i)ts

Photo by © B.Duret / Design by © PH Ramboz

Photo by © B.Duret / Design by © PH Ramboz

Performance: The dialogue between two individuals and a computer program. The dialectical movement of the musician and the dancer on a computer generated partition. The Mechanics of B(ea/i)ts is an improvised set of dance, music and computer code. The program generates a frame reproducing the acoustic environments that are esthetically intriguing to the two performers. The musician, interacts in real time on the soundscapes. He produces a music that dancer performer interprets freely. The balance is tenuous. At the limits of trance, the performers are carefully listening to the program whose execution is random and sometimes brutal. The trio is an expressive feedback of the program, towards the musician and towards the dancer in the end. The dancer, in relation to the sound composes his dancing and so does the musician. The result is three solii that mix, oppose or ignore each other in turn. A praise of folly, an impossible dialogue between three modes of expression and thought apparently inconsistent but, simultaneously, coherent.

Music : [PH]

Dance : Dimitri Tsiapkinis

Duration : 45 min

Excerpt, Movement 5

Facebook Event ( March 7th, 2015 in Tours)

Facebook page of the Festival On Marche ( March 14th, 2015, in Marrakech)

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