Delirium Tremens (2010)


Photo par : My Mhamed Saadi

Photo par : My Mhamed Saadi


Solo dance-theater/performance
Conception, performance : Dimitri Tsiapkinis
Video creation : Maud Martin
Costumes : Rose-Marie Melka
Lighting design : Jean-Philippe Filleul
Production & Communication : Rixi Okladon, Art Minds, Omnivion
Co-Production : National Choreographic Center of Tours
Subsidy : Greek Ministry of Culture (2010)

Delirium Tremens seeks to evolve it’s protagonist’s view beyond a dualistic intellectual tradition and promote awareness through inclusion : Integrate and transcend rather than just polarise and resist. It promotes a non rationalist catharsis for its protagonist; through recycling of raw psychological states and intellectual schemes.

Psychoanalysis, archetypal psychology, and gestalt therapy are major influences on the choreographic material. The concepts of individualism and narcissism are being explored through poetic gesture and speech. Humour is an important ingredient also. Finaly the paradigm of the sensitive, as stated by the researcher Danis Bois and his team, strongly influences the performance quality in the enactement of the scenario : self-actualising reciprocity, sensorial paroxysms, authenticity in expressivity.

It’s a hybrid performance full of contradicting energies, ranging from violent physicality to extreme tenderness. The images on the TV monitors are the only elements of the stage design : a mix of scenes of intimacy and the omnipresent mass media. The final result, a deeply optimistic one-man-show, includes aesthetics from the danse-theater tradition, post modern danse and pop art.

Dimitrios Tsiapkinis received a grant from the Greek ministry of Culture for the production of Delirium Tremens, with his newly established company The Lotus Fracture. (ΡΗΞΗ ΟΚΛΑΔΟΝ)

Tour 2010-2012 :
23 april 2010, National choreographic center of Tours, France
4&5 june 2010, Sofouli theater in Thessaloniki, Greece
9-12 june 2010, Roes theater in Athens, Greece
28-30 december 2010, M.Teiresias theater in Thessaloniki, Greece
20-21 january 2011, Olvio theater in Athens, Greece
06 march 2012, at the French institut of Marrakech, Morocco

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