Ecstatic Bodies – Newtopia 9

Photo by Rod Waddington (CC BY-SA 2.0)


Trance / Ecstatic Bodies (2021)

Inclusive choreographic and artistic events developed around the conviction that dance participates in the construction and re-construction of self and community.

The new series of Newtopia for this year 2021 draws its theme from the notion of ecstasy, the subnconscious mind & body and “modified” states of consciousness. A questioning on other forms of knowledge in complementarity to rational intelligence. An attempt to moderate the monolithic power of an omnipresent scientism that seeks to dictate, sometimes violently, the act of living together in community.


– 1st pf  January 2021 : Paián / Newtopia 9.1, at Heptapyrgion, Thessaloniki, Greece

– May – June 2021 : Theater of Healing / Newtopia 9.2, Cinema-concert at the Chapel of the Capucins and at the Loire river, 37210 Rochecorbon

– Avril : Newtopia 9.3, at the Centre Social la Rabière, Joué-lès-Tours (37330)

– June 2021 : Indigo Couleur du temps (Newtopia 9.4), Lorquin (to be confirmed)

– Septembre 2021 : Newtopia 9.5 : Concert & Gnawa ritual (to be confirmed)

– Automne 2021 : Newtopia 9.5, at the Pléiade, la Riche (37520) (to be confirmed)

– Automne 2021 : Newtopia 9.6, Trance Electronica (to be confirmed)


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