Newtopia 7.2

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Newtopia 7.2 (2019)

Second proposal of the Newtopia 7 series around the theme of living together in community. A commission from the Franco-Hellenic Association of Tours in partnership with the Arpents d’Art. An evening of choreographic and theatrical art around ancient fables. Discover an original piece by Roland Lebret, with the Arpents d’Art team and a solo performance by choreographer Dimitri Tsiapkinis,

on March 8th 2019, at 20H, at Salle Ockengem, 15 place de Chateauneuf 37000 TOURS.
Ticket price : 8€ (Reduced : 5€)

Reservations only on
: & 06 14 99 28 92

About :

The Franco-Helenic Association of Tours, through its various missions, attaches great importance to culture and human encounters. To this end, the association’s cultural delegate, Maritsa VIBET, proposes a cultural bridge between Greece and France and occasionnaly with other countries. Various cultural events were held in France and Greece (poetry, song, festival, music, painting). This time we offer you a performance (choreography, theatre) with the collaboration of choreographer Dimitri Tsiapkinis (Omnivion art d’être corps) and Roland LEBRET and his team of artists (Les Arpents d’art).

The two invited associations present you a trip between ÉSOPE (Greek fabulist) and Jean de la FONTAINE. It will be about humans and gods. Tales and fables that question humans with humour and have entertained thousands of generations. How do these ancient texts resonate today? What did Aesop and Jean de la Fontaine left us as heritage, censored for his tales that were so dear to him?


Program :


> 20H00 < LES VIVANTS et LES DIEUX (2019)


The surface of the story:

A woman and two men, X, Y and Z meet; very quickly it gets complicated. Misunderstandings, suspicions, “confusion” are at the center of this meeting. But very quickly another trio introduces texts by Aesop and JEAN DE LA FONTAINE. What do they have to do with it? Is it a simple anachronism or the story of a censorship that is still there without anyone noticing? In whose name? In the name of what? Will the clown shed light on all of this? Is the masked man who replaces Z also possessed?

Conception / direction : Roland Lebreto
Actors :
Y : Patrick Robert, X : Cécile Lebret, Z : Gilles Lolivier
Les Conteuses : Maritsa Vibet, Martine Cevrier, Danielle Tsikis
masked dancer : Dimitri Tsiapkinis, Gilles de Poche : Roland Lebret
Length : ~ 55min



> 21H00 < Hermès ou Alopix ? (2019)

Dance Improvisation

[Ερμής ή Αλώπηξ;]

A discursive and gestural improvisation inspired by Aesop’s texts.

Why has Hermes, an ancient god, thief and liar, been chosen as a messenger between Gods and Men? And why didn’t Aesop make a story between him and the king of tricks, the Fox? What if dance is a way to talk about this fictional relationship?

Conception / interpretation : Dimitri Tsiapkinis
Length : ~ 20min



21H30 < Chat & Mezzés

Free chatting between the artistic team and the public, followed by a tasting of Greek products.



Partners & co-financing : DRAC and ARS Centre, CHU of Tours, Transept37, City of Tours, City of la Riche, Plessis Theater






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