Newtopia 6

Photo (edit) © par Bernard DURET

Newtopia 6 (2018)

The invented word Omnivion refers to the multiplicity of life. A multiplicity that defies the culture of normality, monolithic thinking. Again, the Omnivion team will try to poetize madness, to question our preconceived notions about expressive and creative normality.

With Newtopia 6, we will celebrate five years of unique creations, performances, lectures and exhibitions. On the program: a new creation, guest artist performances, documentary screenings and a photo exhibition.

The highlight of this new creative wave of dance, arts and mental health will be an important partnership with the Pleiade theater in la Riche (37520).

Dimitri Tsiapkinis, the Omnivion team and its partners, are continuing this long-term collaborative project initiated by the psychiatric department of Tours CHRU in 2006, well before the founding of Omnivion. On the basis of a common idea by Evelyne Rebboh-Flachner (psychologist at the CHU) and Bernardo Montet (director of the CCNT until 2011), an experimental project was launched in order to test pedagogical approaches in contemporary dance in the psychiatric context . Dimitri Tsiapkinis, present in the initial team and passionate about the subject, took over the direction of this workshop from the beginning on and managed to establish it as the main project of the association Omnivion.


Program  :

<<4 & 5 April : Newtopia 6.1, at the Pléiade / La Riche (37520)

<<12 June 2018 : Newtopia 6.2, at the Centre Social la Rabière / Joué-lès-Tours (37300)

<<28 September 2018 : Newtopia 6.3, at the University Psychiatric Clinic (adolescents) / St.Cyr-sur-Loire

<<15 – 18 November 2018 : Newtopia 6.4 / Culture & Handicap

  • – 13 Nov. to the 9th of December – photo exposition by Bernard Duret and film projections at the Municipal Library of Tours
  • – 15 Nov. – film projection of “Couleur du Temps, ateliers de danse Indigo” / Danse in psychiatry and a debate conjointly with the ADAPEI at the Cinemas Studios, Tours.
  • – 16 Nov. – film projection of “Couleur du Temps”, at the 19th Meeting Video and Mental   Health, at the Cité des sciences et de l’industrie, Paris
  • – 18 Nov. – contemporary dance performance and photo exposition by Bernard Duret at the   Municipal Library of Tours.

<<15 December 2018 : Newtopia 6.5at the University Hospital of Tours, Trousseau, Chambray-lès-Tours (37170)