Christine Causera




Photo par Bernard Duret

Christine Causera,

has been dancing with Omnivion since 2018. She has many passions, her work as a psychiatric nurse, the wild plants she likes to showcase whether out in the fields or in a workshop, and dancing.
Younger she practiced Contemporary dance for several years, and as a “tool” of workshop mediation with young children or adults with psychic difficulties during some of her years of work in psychiatry.

In 2019, the arrival of Dimitri Tsiapkinis within the FAM (Mental Health Clinic) in which Christine works intensified the desire to become even more involved by integrating the Wednesday’s evening workshops at La Rabière (Joué-lès-Tours).
“The sensory approach proposed by Dimitri was an upheaval and allows me to
to seek an authenticity hitherto stifled by codes and mental images inscribed in the depths of me ”.

Since 2021, she has also been general secretary of the Omnivion association.