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News September – October 2021

Photo : Murailles Music (Extrait de la performance Petites Planètes / Live Cinéma)


Balance ?

I’m throwing you off, you’re throwing me off, we’re throwing each other off… On what scale?

The game of tensions, the polarities, continue to manifest themselves in the world of humans.

Zoonosis, pollution and the weakened biodiversity make us pay for our naivety in believing in the myth of inexhaustible resources.

Through covid, through fires, through floods…

This new school year finds us divided. We need, more than ever, to connect to each other.

To be sensitive and supportive, to discern with benevolence and to claim better worlds in the face of the neoliberal dystopias that fall upon us.

Let’s put everything back on the scale.

Let’s stop throwing stones at each other.

Let’s dream, still standing, of new utopias.

Dimitri Tsiapkinis


After a productive summer, with Metanymphes and Judith in Greece, the 2020 creation OMNI-NIHILUM will be presented in Tours! You will finally be able to discover it on October 2 and 3, after 3 cancellations due to the health crisis and there will be no question of talking about nihilism! We will just talk about…polarities. Omni: Everything, and Nihilum: Nothing. If we believe Heraclitus*, the current discordance in our societies will bring us a new harmony. Amen ?!

This is the last part of Newtopia 8 to be presented in 2021, although Ecstatic Body (Newtopia 9) sessions have already started since January 1st!

Beware! The capacity is limited and the venue is subject to the health pass requirement. Infos and reservations : helloasso.com/omni-nihilum


[*Opposition brings concord. Out of discord comes the fairest harmony.“]

Another highlight of the fall season, long awaited since last spring:

Petites Planètes / Live Cinéma with Priscilla Telmon & Vincent Moon, on October 9 and 10 at the Chapelle des Frères Mineurs, 6 rue de la Pierre, 37100 Tours and on the banks of the Loire river! Filmed images of ecstatic rituals around the world with live music and performances! More info and reservations: omnivion.net/petites-planetes

And before these highlights, you can enjoy an end of residency, theatrical performance by the Collectif Morsures (logistical support from Omnivion and Obstinatio Musicae) : JUDITH / The Parted Body by Howard Barker, on September 18-19 in Saint-Pierre-des-Corps ! More info : omnivion.net/judith

And to always stay informed about our artistic events, occasionally check here:


Dance Education:

– Newtopia workshops resume in September. Registration and information: atelier-de-danse-contemporaine-omnivion-2021-2022

– Tai Chi Chen workshop in Nikiti, Greece, October 24-28 (sold out!)

More info on the pedagogical program: https://omnivion.net/core/fr/projets/educational-projects/


Partners & financing : DRAC and ARS Center, City of Tours, CHU of Tours, APAJ37, Transept37/Arpents d’Art, Social Center Rabière, Murailles Music, Center of Dance & Theater of Milos.


Dimitri Tsiapkinis and the Omnivion team wish you a peaceful but always exciting new season!