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News November-December 2021

Photo par Zabara Alexander (modifié) / (CC BY 2.0)



Re-cognitions !


I feel a great gratitude, a re-cognition of the link that we deepen in each encounter, in the creation of forms that touch us, question us, soothe us. Who to thank for these poetics of relationship[1] that is woven despite our divisions? Gods, Goddesses, and/or Lucky Twists in the dance of sub- and supra-atomic particles? Holy Homo sapiens-sapiens! We know well that pain, destruction, death are as much generators of Beauty as love, pleasure, goodness. Newtopia 8 which was concluded on October 2 & 3 embraced this kind of existential games of tensions, opposites, polarities, in a poetics of bodies in proximal spaces. Sharing, inclusion, creation of common and singular forms are always at the center of our movement intentions: to share the beauty of this world and especially to multiply it. (Photos : Flickr/OmniNihilum)

The urgency to save the earth’s environment, or rather to save biodiversity[2], questions us daily. What if we were to draw inspiration from contemporary Amazonian civilizations and reconsider plants and animals as spirits? Let’s also look at our friends from Tours (France) who are fighting to give a legal entity to the Loire river.  The French writer Edouard Glissant, considered the landscape as an active “character” of History: a participatory and not simply passive element: “Crossed and supported by the trace; the landscape ceases to be a convenient decor and becomes a character of the drama of the Relationship” (Edouard Glissant, Introduction à une poétique du divers, Paris, Gallimard, 1996, p. 25.)

After the Chapelle des Frères Mineurs, the Loire landscape became a co-protagonist and a place for relationships for the 2nd highlight of this fall: Petites Planètes / Live Cinéma with Priscilla Telmon & Vincent Moon, at La Rabouilleuse! Here are some images of these hybrid performances: Flickr/PetitesPlanètes

And also a BIG THANK YOU at the Grange Babel the residency of Judith (still in creation) : JUDITH!

Dimitri Tsiapkinis




Artistic news :

  • Beginning of Extatiques, at the Social Center la Rabière and at Espace Giraudeau. Premiereis on 22 Janvuary at the Vodanum, the new theater of Rochecorbon ! More info & reservations : net/core/corpsx-newtopia-9-6
  • 16 December 2021 : Newtopia 9.5, private performance at the CESAP, Reugny (37380)

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Educational news :

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We appeal to you concerning the important financing of the evenings of October 9 and 10, animated by Petites Planètes / Live Cinéma and the renting of the new theater of Rochecorbon for our next show of January 22. Your financial support would be precious to us either by renewing your membership or by making donations:

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Dimitri Tsiapkinis and the Omnivion team wish you a great year’s ending !



[1] Concept developed by Edouard Glissant

[2] Environnement : notion rejected by the philosopher Emmanuel Coccia, because it conveys the idea of a world separate from us humansPhoto par Zabara Alexander (modifié) / (CC BY 2.0)