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News March – April 2022


“There can be no just war, for the good reason that the Earth belongs to no one.”

Kheira Chakor

To own the earth, to own nature, to own the other.

Why should we do this? So as not to run out of resources? For fear of death? Are these rhetorical questions?

Are we condemned to build and deconstruct our civilizations on the ruins and the dead?

In France, we are not afraid that the war in Ukraine will reach our lands, but rather that the prices of gas and oil will soar. And then, we don’t feel guilty about this war, nor about the weapons that we continue to sell all over the world to… strengthen our economy. But let’s skip the martial geopolitics because we don’t know much about it, do we?

Let’s talk about dance! Yes… dance is not exempt from war either. There are war dances in many cultures. To stimulate pride and courage or to scare the enemy like the Maoris: vid.puffyan.us/watch?v=BI851yJUQQw

By the way, the vitality of some Greek war dances often attracted me but I never learned their steps: vid.puffyan.us/watch?v=LN3TejyAmmo

On the Omnivion side, we will explore one of the consequences of war: death. We already announced it in January: the theme of Newtopia 10 (2022) is death in all its colorfulness.

A craftsman friend of ours is already preparing coffins for us! But…shhh! This is a secret !

Dimitri Tsiapkinis




– March 4th to April 4th, 2022 : Photo Exhibition / Newtopia 10.1, at the Mental Health Center the Confluence / Saint-Cyr-sur-Loire (37540)

– 7 March 2022 : Dance performance / Newtopia 10.1, with the residents of the Mental Health Center la Confluence / Saint-Cyr-sur-Loire (37540)

– 16 April 2022 : ALEXO, Solo Performance Enterres-Encieux / Newtopia 10.2, with Dimitri Tsiapkinis in Nikiti, Central Macedonia, Greece (63088), with Dimitri Tsiapkinis in Nikiti, Central Macedonia, Greece (63088)

While waiting for our choreographic madness, we propose you several workshops to celebrate spring. One of them, precisely on the… death and another one on the martial aspect of dance!



Plus d’infos sur la programmation pédagogique : https://omnivion.net/core/fr/projets/educational-projects/


Partners & financing : DRAC & ARS Centre, Fonds de dotation Transept37, CHU de Tours, Ville de Tours, Arpents d’Art, Magazine Trakt, CNP de Tours, Center for Dance and Theater of Milos, Centre Social la Rabière.


Stay tuned for the next Newtopia sessions and new workshops!

Dimitri Tsiapkinis and the Omnivion team wish you a beautiful spring with lots of trees!