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News January – February 2022



2022 Finaly ?! Another tour around the sun celebrated by mankind. A jubilant event for a large number of people, which symbolizes the potential for renewal: to leave behind past sufferings, to reinvent a world, a life. Where numerologists interpret 2022 as 6, as the addition of 2s, I prefer to see a kind of binary poetry: a year with 3 even numbers that orbit around a zero. A last attempt by humanity to cling to dualistic thinking before fully embracing complex thinking?

But first of all, a BIG THANK YOU AND OUR BEST WISHES to all our members, our audiences, our dancers, our partners who are embracing us during these difficult times. You can view the highlights of the past year on VIMEO/OMNIVION and on FLICKR/OMNIVION. All this was possible thanks to your support:

DRAC Centee, ARS Center, CHRU of Tours, City of Tours, International Dance & Theater Center of Milos and the Municipality of Milos / Cyclades, Greece, Arpents d’Art / Transept37, Petit Morier, Social Center Rabière, Murailles Music, APAJ37, Commune of Nikiti / Central Macedonia, Greece, Grange Babel.

And now, let’s talk about Death! This is a punch line of Howard Barker’s play Judith / The Parted Body that we will perform this Friday, January 7, 2022, in Paris! (Info: JUDITH!) But why so much relentlessness against death? Politicians and scientists have declared war on it and absolutely want to save us from it, with our support, of course. What if we looked at death through a less anthropocentric perspective? What if death was a necessary stage for the abundance of life forms, in this semi-magical entity we call Nature? Sacred Nature! The philosopher Emmanuel Coccia is very reassuring about our viral suffering. His book Metamorphoses has become my new Bible, a nest of philosophical renewal. In an interview with Philosophy magazine, he invites us to revisit the idea of death from the perspective of viruses:

« […] the virus is how the future exists in the present. The virus, in fact, is a pure force of metamorphosis that flows from life form to life form, without being limited to the boundaries of a body. Free, anarchic, almost immaterial, not belonging to any individual, it has the capacity to transform all living things and allows them to achieve their singular form. Think that part of our DNA, probably around 8%, is of viral origin! Viruses are a force for novelty, for modification, for transformation; they have the potential for invention that has played an essential role in evolution. They are the proof that we are in our genetic identities a multispecies assemblage. […] Much of the anguish we experience today is our realization that the tiniest living being is capable of crippling the most technically equipped human civilization. This transformative power of an invisible being produces, I believe, a questioning of the narcissism of our societies. » (Found on the 01-01-2022, at https://www.philomag.com/articles/emanuele-coccia-le-virus-est-une-force-anarchique-de-metamorphose)

Is SARS-COV2 finally our friend ?! Pretty hard all these questions for a young proletarian… choreographer, during the management of his new projects.

In any case, for Omnivion it is decided: in 2022, we will dance… Death! Yes, this is our main theme for this conventional Western New Year, (other populations are not counting the years in accordance to the birth of a messiah.) We will invent raw, festive rituals of all colors, but also melancholic so as not to deny our Western tradition of dismay in the face of death. In other cultures, death is an opportunity to bring community together, an invitation to contemplation and an occasion to celebrate – although mourning is still present in this existential phenomenon… But, come on! Let us invent, as artists of life, amateurs or profesionnals, stories to amaze our multi-rhythmic hearts.

At the end of January, we will begin rehearsals for Thanatos & Cie, with a premiere in spring 2023 at the Pléiade, La Riche (37520). More information on this creation, soon.

But before attacking…death, we must finalize the 2021 project, with our creations εkstatik and Métanymphes, on January 22, at 7 p.m. at Vodanum, the new theater in Rochecorbon! Reservations : omnivion.net/core/reservations


Dimitri Tsiapkinis



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Dance Education :

  • Resumption of the Newtopia workshops on January 5. Registration and info: contemporary-dance-workshop-omnivion-2021-2022
  • New dates for the Atelier du Corps Sonore, Sunday January 30 and Sunday February 26! Registration and info: facebook.com/LeCorpsSonore
  • New Tai Chi workshop at the midwifery school of the CHRU in Tours!
  • Dance workshops in a psychiatric environment are resumed in four places: Psychiatry A / Trousseau / Saint Avertin, La Confluence / Saint-Cyr-sur-Loire, CESAP / Reugny and at the EHPAD in Plougourvest in Brittany.
  • 26-27 February 2022 : Dance Shaolin Workshop with Dimitri Tsiapkinis, at the Petit Morier, Tours (37000)

More info on educational programming : omnivion.net/core/educational-projects




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Dimitri Tsiapkinis and the Omnivion team wish you a happy dancing year!