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Photo par D. Tsiapkinis

Meta-neutopian Spring…
[Know thyself through conflict?]

We are experiencing highly conflictual situations linked to the health crisis, with very lively debates and overwhelming political contradictions, regarding the social and cultural crisis that is looming…Let’s remain vigilant and benevolent, but without accepting all political extremisms either.

We were very (or too) optimistic when editing our last newsletter.

Partly too much, yes. Our 2020 creation “Omni-Nihilum” has yet to wait, after a 3rd cancellation. It is getting closer with great leaps to our other creation…for 2021: ɛk.sta.tik.

Could we assume two creations in the same year? The materials are there, the inspiration too. All it takes is the commitment of our dancers, the benevolence of our partners and the curiosity of our audiences. In any case, the DRAC and ARS Center and the City of Tours confirmed their support with a new grant in 2021! It also seems that the new theatre in Rochecorbon will welcome us in 2022!

While waiting for more details on the schedule, we are continuing our performances series (not pre-announced) in public spaces around the “Ecstatic Body”, the theme of Newtopia 9 (2021) :

– End of April 2021 : The Uknown(s) / Newtopia 9.2, at the Saint Paul Square, Tours (37000)

– 28 March 2021 : The Uknown(s) / Newtopia 9.2, at the Paul Bert Square, Tours (37000)

– 6 February 2021 : The Uknown(s) / Newtopia 9.2, at the Beaujardin Street Market, Tours (37000)

– 30 January 2021 : The Uknown(s) / Newtopia 9.2, at the Vélpeau street market, Tours (37000)

Photos of our performances to be found here : flickr.com/Inconnues

Please check occasionaly her for updates : https://omnivion.net/core/fr/agenda/



Dance Education:

  • Continuation of the contemporary dance workshops with Dimitri Tsiapkinis, at the Rabière in Joué-lès-Tours and on the web…
  • Continuation of the program “Dance & Perceptive education” at the Confluence, Saint-Cyr-sur-Loire (37540)
  • Continuation of the program “Dance & Perceptive education” at the Psychiatric clinic A / TROUSSEAU, CHU de Tours
  • Numerous dance projects in public schools in Rochecorbon and Parçay-Meslay.
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