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News January – February 2021

2021 Year of all possibilities?

Subconscience and Extasy

Is the Freudian unconscious a catch-all for this place within us where the world is perceived, contemplated, stirred by means other than the rational mind? A dreaded and dreadful place, of all possibilities? What about the status of body in there? Scholars still contemplate on it… We seem to have access to these mysterious dimensions of our body-mind in a random and/or very systematic way: dreams, contemplations, art, ecstatic ceremonies, hypnosis, automatic writing, subliminal messages, etc.

A certain disillusionment with the utopia that science, technology and excessive consumption could bring us happiness seems to be gaining ground. The questioning of “our” lifestyles is intensifying with the ecologist movements. More and more clues lead us to believe that the current crisis with the “evil” virus could have been avoided if we had been more passionate forest lovers (let’s act: reforestaction.com). Moreover, would we be able to recognize death as an ally of life and not as an evil exterminator? Would we be able to live more frugally but happier ?(theme of Newtopia 8.2)  Rhetorical question: Would artists love this kind of philosophical questioning?

As you have understood it, Ecstatic Bodies / Newtopia 9 (2021) will draw its material from the above notions: the subconscious, the community of the living, the ecstatic states. It will be our creative and festive madness for 2021!

This year’s first ecstatic event, Paian (Newtopia 9.1), a performance by Dimitri Tsiapkinis outside the…Byzantine and Ottoman walls in Heptapyrgion (Gate of the Seven Towers; Yedi – Cast in Turkish), in Thessalonike, Central Macedonia, Greece. As any public performance is forbidden for reasons of hygiene, we will attempt a real-time transmission, using web tools. More info : Paian / Newtopia 9.1

Then, on January 26th, we will finally realize Newtopia 8.5, (cancelled last June /SARS-COV2) at the  Social Center la Rabière, in Joué-lès-Tours (37300). Performances by the Omnivion team and screening of the film Mechkabouï Melgaout, by Yvan Pousset.

Bernard Duret’s photographic exhibition at the psychiatric clinic A’ of the Trousseau hospital, in Saint-Avertin (37550), continues until January 20th.



– Resumption of our Newtopia workshops on January 20th. In the meantime we continue to explore possibilities of transmission through video, audio and written texts.

– Resumption of the workshops Pourpres, dance and mental health, at the Confluence in Saint-Cyr-sur-Loire (37540), starting January 6th.

– Resumption of the workshops Carmin, dance and mental health at the CESAP, EME Château of Launay, Reugny (37380), from march 1st.

– Resumption of the workshops Indigo, dance in psychiatry / Trousseau Hospital, in Saint-Avertin (37550), from January 26th.

– Choreographic workshop at the Rochecorbon nursery school (37210), starting January 7.

– Choreographic workshop at the nursery school of Parçay-Meslay (37210), starting January 14.


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