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News May – June 2021


It’s a phrase I often use in my dance workshops.

A kind of kōan that frees the mind from its mental preoccupations.

I see a poetic connection to the current health situation.

Stricken with the virus, we can’t breathe enough. Is it a coincidence that the two major reasons for the pandemic, zoonosis and loss of biodiversity, are linked to the disappearance of forests? Forests and oceans are the lungs of our little blue planet.

Allow me this poetic shortcut:

No tree, no breath. We are suffocating because we have lost our sensitive links with nature. We have turned it into an exploitable object to enrich the elites and ease the suffering of the masses of the soon to be 8 billion humans. We are forced to breathe backwards!

Or, maybe we should dance more! Dance connects us to our animal part, reconnects us to a mysterious earth that gave us birth with interstellar complicity. It revitalizes us with wonderful anatomical branches that make us vibrate. Let us dance to celebrate the human connections because solidarity is essential for the survival of a species. Let us dance to intellectualize in an embodied way and not out of phase with our living matter. Let us dance to invent new forms of living together, humans, animals, plants, microbes…

We dancers, but also artists of any field, are weakened by the viral storm and the choices of the sanitary policy. Artists are not the only ones; I am aware of it. The precariousness will gain much ground the next years. Let’s stand together and support each other to stay upright, to dream upright.


Our 2020 creation “Omni-Nihilum” has been cancelled 3 times, but it has found a new hot spot on the calendar! Mark it down: October 2-3 at Le Petit Morier! For the moment we are rehearsing outdoors until the studios open. And the trance-themed cinema-concert is rescheduled for October 9-10! More information soon!

The 2021 creation has been moved to January 2022, with surprise guests: ɛk.sta.tik.

IMPORTANT : General Assembly party, June 19th, at 19H at the Rabouilleuse, Loire School, Quai de la Loire, 37210 Rochecorbon ! Come discuss and pârty with us! Here are some photos of the one from last year : flickr.com/photos/omnivion/AG

And to always stay informed about our artistic events, occasionally check here: