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News November – December 2020

Photo by Bernard Duret


Our 2020 subject coincides well with our times: Polarities…

Could the multiplicity of Life be proof of the non-existence of a binary dimension, so dear to the cores of our computer processors?

“Today, many people […] feel that it has become dangerous to express an opinion […] that deviates from the dominant thinking. … the mere fact that this feeling exists is a sign that leaders need to change the way they communicate. “Markus Gabriel, University of Bonn, Germany / excerpt from the documentary Arte “Covid-19: Virus or Life? »

Let us be multiple, deviant, partially for, passionately against, belonging and excluded at the same time, etc. without denying the right of existence of each other. This is called democracy. The same democracy that has allowed the artistic abundance to exist in the countries of human rights.

“What is better: to be crazy or to be dead? “I shouted in the mouths of my comrades during the extraordinary creation O.More by Bernardo Montet (2002). I would very much like to re-dance this question with my dancing comrades and our audiences.

In other cultures, death is not as unbearable as in “our nations” and people have ceremonies to welcome it in a festive way. But let’s not dwell on issues that…divide. Instead, let us continue the benevolent exchanges and the inclusive debate, because in any case, in the end: we are crazy! Crazy about dancing!

Latest news :

Alas! Our 2020 creation “Omni-Nihilum” has just been postponed a second time to an uncertain date. Nevertheless, we will present it as soon as possible. The new and moving material is there and the hearts of our performer-authors are there too! The enthusiasm of our team is almost stimulated.

The Newtopia 8 adventure will be accomplished despite the restrictions, probably in early 2021. Nevertheless, given the political and sanitary complexities, we ask you to be indulgent with our schedules, programming and communication errors. We will do our best to inform you of any last minute corrections and events. We may even dance clandestinely (?). We count on your presence to nourish the optimism of inclusive creation.

Other Newtopia 8 performances and exhibitions: stay in touch for last-minute announcements in unexpected places. (Provisional and evolving program HERE)

Pedagogy : Of the 6 weekly workshops of Omnivion, only three take place during the confinement :

  • Violine, dance in a psychiatric environment at the Confluence mental health center.
  • Choreographic workshop for the Rochecorbon Preschool kids!
  • Newtopia 8-9 workshop, at…distance. We will explore possibilities of transmission via video, audio and written texts.

Slightly distant…but always warmest greetings from the entire Omnivion team!


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