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News – March-April 2017


 Spring of the dis-in-formations

January – February 2017 : two more months have passed since our last wave of news. Newtopia 4.2, continues to resonate within us and reminds us that we must slow down in order to… save time. Here is finally a video that takes a glimpse into this singular event. Since it’s about time perception, it takes patience and calme to appreciate it’s content :  vimeo/Newtopia_4.2
And some great photos by Bernard Duret
: Flickr Album Newtopia 4.2

In the meantime, we launched our dances in the vast hall of the Bretonneau Hospital (CHRU of Tours), as part of Newtopia 4.3 / Dance and Mental Health. Here are some images : Album Newtopia 4.3

Artistic News : 

The rehearsals of  Moon Eaters II by Dimitri Tsiapkinis have started at the SUAPSE of Orléans. The premiere will be at the Centre Culturel le Bouillon, in Orléans on April 5th 2017. About a month later, the performance will be presented during the event Newtopia 4.4 le 17 mai 2017 at the Pléiade, La Riche (37520). More information : Moon Eaters II.

Forme-dé(s)informe, one more performance of the Newtopia series, is being prepared by the Omnivion team. To form oneself, to deform, to be informed in order  to renovate our postures to the world… Info : di(s)informe

For the above performances in the context of Newtopia 4, you can reserve here : omnivion.net/reservations

The second residency for Orange Bear Lights II (F.O.D.O. II), by Dimitri Tsiapkinis just finished. Next residency : once more at the Petit Morier in Tours, in March. Info : omnivion.net/fodo_II


Arts Education news :

  • Contemporary dance workshop with Nina Dipla, (amateur and professional level) co-organized with SAYAW and the Petit Morier on May 20-21: we invite you to discover the pedagogy of Nina Dipla who travels around the world with her passionate dances. Location: Petit Morier, in Tours. Time: Saturday & Sunday 14H-18H. Price: 50 € for 8 hours (4 hours Saturday and 4 hours Sunday). Limited to 20 people. Infos on the work of Nina : Stage Nina 2017
  • Continuations of the Wednesdays’ dance workshops at the Rabière. There are still a few places left for new participants. Here are some pictures : album ateliers 2016
  • The workshop Lapis-Lazuli, dance for teenagers at the psychiatric center of the University Hospital of St.Cyr-sur-Loire continues to evolve. Info : lapis-lazuli
  • The Indigo workshops  / dance and mental health for adults at the University Hospital of Tours attracts new university researchers. Info : Indigo
  • The dance workshop series with Dimitri Tsiapkinis, for amateurs at the National Choreographic Center of Orléans, also continues every Saturday. Photos : kr/CCNO


Memo on subscribing to and supporting Omnivion :

Some of our members took advantage of our new subscription system, through the e-cotiz micro-site by credit card and it helped us a lot!  : e-cotiz.com/omnivion
Your support is precious! As the service costs us 1 € per membership, it’s up to you if you offer us that extra euro and pay 6€ instead of 5€!
Photographic albums testify of our dance adventures for the past 5 years: Omnivion albums (2011-2017)
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Dimitri Tsiapkinis and the whole Omnivion team warmheartedly greet you!





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