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News – May-June 2017



Newtopia +++ : Dream-walking 

Mai-June 2017 : Two months loaded with 4 (!) Newtopia sessions. A real festival! This singular project continues to evolve for the 4th consecutive year. It is a series of artistic and choreographic events realized through a collaboration, between amateur and professional artists in a long term partnership, with the psychiatric department of the CHRU of Tours.


The last of the 4 series will be presented at the Pléiade on May 17th, at 20H30 and Newtopia 5 will begin right after :

Newtopia 4.4 / Disinform!

Une soirée composée de deux performances chorégraphiques. Une par des professionnels et des amateurs, musiciens et danseurs et une par des étudiants et des salariés de l’Université d’Orléans (SUAPSE). Une exploration d’états de corps en quête de nouveaux mondes, en résonance avec les préoccupations sociales et écologiques de ses participants. Silences explosifs, lenteurs qui émerveillent, révoltes chantées, danses extasiées..


Form -Dis(in)form (40min) / Choreographic and musical performance 

Direction : Dimitri TSIAPKINIS, Co-authors – Performers : Emilie COUDERE, Bruno MORIN, Rosa PIRES DE MATOS, Keely SIGOT, Dimitri TSIAPKINIS, Lights & Stage management : Marine POURQUIÉ, Music : Keely SIGOT

Concept : The framework, the form, the norm, the political manipulations of public opinion : are we approaching a time when chaos was inevitable? A disintegration of old forms that gives way to new paradigms?

Moon Eaters II (25min) / Choreographic  performance
by the students and employees of the University of Orléans / SUAPSE 

Co-produced by the CCN of Orléans 

Direction : Dimitri TSIAPKINIS, Performers :  Vanessa CHENINI, Atiti COMTÉ, Nana Efua ENYIMAYEW, Doriane LIGER, Alice LOMBARD, Catherine MUNIER, Clémence PRÉVAULT, Eve-Marie TISSIER, Eclairage/régie technique : Marine POURQUIÉ.

Concept : After a sensitive but also explosive first version by the team of the University of St. John of York (Flight Effect) and a tour in Northern England, here is a new (re-) interpretation, reconstructed on the same themes: the Notion of “folly”, archetypes of the feminine, limit states, trance, transgressions, social cohesion, singularity …This time the dancers come from the University of Orléans. They will actively participate in the construction of the choreographic content – like their English comrades – by bringing in movement, texts and dramaturgical suggestions.


Newtopia 5.1 / Choreographic Wanderings


5.1 is the first session of Newtopia 5, a collaboration with the association Hébé and Psy without Bordersin the context of the conference From Vagrancies to Wanderings :

Friday, May  19th, 2017 at 14H, at the IRFSS Red Cross, Centre Val de Loire, 6 Avenue Alexandre Minkowski, 37170 Chambray Les Tours

Informations and registrations : hebe.colloque@gmail.com  / www.asso-hebe.fr

Price : 25€ / 50€ / 100€



Excerpts from Forme-Dé(sin)forme and a conference by Dimitri Tsiapkinis on Dance and Mental Health.

MORE INFO : Newtopia 5.1


Newtopia 5.2 / Les Pratiques

In partnership with the Social Centre Rabière, in the context of mardi pratiques.

Tuesday June 13th,  2017 at 14H, at the Social Centre Rabière, rue de la Rotière, 37170 Joué-lès-Tours

Free Entrance


Performance-improvisation, filmed extracts from the work of the Omnivion team, and festive exchanges with the public of the social center.


Newtopia 5.3 / Surveying the Walls

In  partnership with the Arpents d’Art, in the context of  the IN // OFF Festival.

Friday June 30th, 2017 at 20H, at the Salle Jacques Villeret, 11 rue de Saussure-les Fontaines, 37200 Tours.

Entry fee : 5€ / Free for unemployed persons.


SILENCE OF THE  GOATS (2016) / Postural and vocal performance (20 min)

Dimitri Tsiapkinis in a collaboration with Roland Lebret and Claire Guillaume.


WHAT THE WALLS ARE WHISPERING (2017) / Postural and vocal performance (20 min)

A collective work between the team of Omnivion and Arpents d’Art. Roland Lebret in collaboration with Dimitri Tsiapkinis proposes a performance to interrogate physical and mental borders.


Arts Education news :

  • Contemporary dance workshop with Nina Dipla, (amateur and professional level) co-organized with SAYAW and the Petit Morier on May 20-21: we invite you to discover the pedagogy of Nina Dipla who travels around the world with her passionate dances. Location: Petit Morier, in Tours. Time: Saturday & Sunday 14H-18H. Price: 50 € for 8 hours (4 hours Saturday and 4 hours Sunday). Limited to 20 people. Infos on the work of Nina : Stage Nina 2017
  • Continuations of the Wednesdays’ dance workshops at the Rabière. There are still a few places left for new participants. Here are some pictures : album ateliers 2016
  • The workshop Lapis-Lazuli, dance for teenagers at the psychiatric center of the University Hospital of St.Cyr-sur-Loire continues to evolve. Info : lapis-lazuli
  • The Indigo workshops  / dance and mental health for adults at the University Hospital of Tours attracts new university researchers. Info : Indigo
  • The dance workshop series with Dimitri Tsiapkinis, for amateurs at the National Choreographic Center of Orléans, also continues every Saturday. Photos : kr/CCNO



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Dimitri Tsiapkinis and the whole Omnivion team wholeheartedly greet you!






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