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News May – June 2019


We are witnessing – on a daily basis – global clashes. The old paternalistic and antagonistic world and the new utopian and solidary world. Even if not everything is black or white, polarities seem to be manifesting everywhere… French street riots, immigration crisis, Yemen, extreme right-wing ideologies, acceleration of productivism and destructive consumption frenzy, etc. Art, one of the pillars of any society, remains a place of vital reflection for the renewal and evolution of our species. Singularity and universality in constant equilibrium. Taking the time to contemplate and act without the constraints of utilitarianism. We will do our hummingbird tasks joyfully, to participate in these transformational processes of our worlds.

For us, assuming the creative act by cultivating a sensitive body is already an act of emancipation.

The rehearsals for Politeïes / Newtopia 7.4, at the Pleiade(FR37520) in September, are moving ahead and making us laugh (among other things…). Moreover, we have just confirmed, for this same event, the invitation and participation of an artist from Greece, living on the island of Milos: Filio Louvari. She is a director, choreographer, dancer, singer and currently director of the Milos Island Theatre Festival in Les Cyclades. More info on the event page soon: Newtopia 7.4!

Another piece of news: our friend Charline Valenchon,  has made us a beautiful joint newsletter in the form of a booklet, as part of her civic service with Omnivion and  Arpents d’Art. Downloadable here (in french only) : Newsletter Transept37 !




Our artistic program for this early summer:

<<< 18 June 2019 : Newtopia 7.3 / choreographic performance with the Omnivion team and film screening, at the Rabière Social Centre, Rue de la Rotière / Joué-lès-Tours.


And here is our educational program:

<< 2 more montly workshops Corps Sonore with Keely Sigot, 19 May & 16 June, at the Petit Morier, 81 Boulevard Jean Royer, 37000 Tours. Info : Corps Sonore Facebook

<<< 6 more inclusive choreographic workshop sessions until the end of June, at the Centre Sociale la Rabière, dates and info: omnivion.net/atelier_danse_2018-2019

<<< 3 more Indigo dance workshop sessions in collaboration with the psychiatric clinic A / Trousseau, until the end of June, at the Centre Sociale la Rabière, info : omnivion.net/dancepsy

<<< 3 more Violine dance workshop sessions in collaboration with the psychiatric clinic La Confluence, until early June, in Saint-Cyr-sur-Loire, info: omnivion.net/dancepsy



Les Arpents d’Art is holding an exhibition of paintings from May 7 to June 1 at the Galerie Neuve at Sanitas. More info: https://www.lesarpentsdart.com/dune-seule-piece/


Partners & financing : DRAC et ARS Centre, Transept37, CHRU of Tours, City of la Riche, City of Tours, Arpents d’Art, Centre Social la Rabière.


Stay in touch for upcoming Newtopia sessions and new workshops!

Dimitri Tsiapkinis the Omnivion team greets you warmheartedly !


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