Newtopia 5.1

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Choreographic wanderings

5.1 was the first session of Newtopia 5, a collaboration with the association Hébé and Psy without Bordersin the context of the conference From Vagrancies to Wanderings :

Friday, May  19th, 2017 at 14H, at the IRFSS Red Cross, Centre Val de Loire, 6 Avenue Alexandre Minkowski, 37170 Chambray Les Tours

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Price : 25€ / 50€ / 100€

A propos: 

The artistic project Newtopia – for a 5th consecutive year – directed by Dimitri Tsiapkinis and carried by Omnivion and its partners, is a space of dialog among singularities. Focused on the individual, it brings together and expands the group by enhancing cooperation, exchange and confidence on one’s own expressivity. Newtopia 5 is the continuation of the collaboration with the psychiatric department of the University Hospital of Tours. Bringing together amateurs and professionals in a dynamic research project, it aims to invent dances that liberate. The project is being animated by pedagogical and artistic concerns that emphasize  authenticity and emotional intelligence. Creativity and solidarity are among the main objectives. Specifically, for the dancer, it promotes transcendence of virtuosity issues and objectification of the body (self) and the others; and concerning the viewer, it offers her/him, a performance centered on sensitive exchange rather than spectacular technicality.

Since Newtopia 5 had common grounds with our our partners’ expressivity and mental health questionings, we have accepted with joy their invitation.



  1. FORM-DIS(-IN)FORM – Excerpts (2017)

    Conception / direction : Dimitri TSIAPKINISAssistant choreographer : Ahlam ETTAMRICo-authors – performers: Emilie COUDERE, Bruno MORIN, Rosa PIRES DE MATOS, Keely SIGOT, Dimitri TSIAPKINISMusic : Keely SIGOTLighting design/technical direction : Marine POURQUIÉ / Length : ~ 15min

    Concept : We will present excerpts from “Form-di(-in)form”, a dance performance, born from the collaboration between professional dancers and amateurs, with the support the University Hospital of Tours (psychiatry department). It is about exploring human interactions through improvisation, the relationship between group and individual, in an inclusive approach of expressivities within a heterogeneous group. “… a game of tensions, choreographic explorations inspired by the creative impulses of the participants and questioning community. ” The framework, the form, the norm, the political manipulations of public opinion : are we approaching a time when chaos was inevitable? A disintegration of old forms that gives way to new paradigms?

    More info : Disinformation!


  1. Conference : choreographic wanderings and mental health

Conferencier : Dimitri Tsiapkinis / Length: ~ 30min

In continuation of Newtopia 2 (2014), Newtopia 3 (2015) and Newtopia 4 (2016) focusing on mental health, the Omnivion team continues the aesthetic and philosophical questioning on madness, with various partners in the Touraine region, in Orléans and in Brittany. The team conducts experiments in the Psychiatry departments of the CHRU of Tours and performances in public places. What is wandering in contemporary dance? Is it a poetic expression to describe a process of self-creation? Is it a dramaturgical posture that allows chaos to recharge one’s expressivity resources?

In this conference Dimitri Tsiapkinis will address these questions, in reference to his research work Master 2, entitled “Relevance of a contemporary dance workshop in the psychiatric context” (Fernando Pessoa University, Porto / Portugal 2015). Download link :


3. Exchange with the public.


The conferencier / director of the project Newtopia :

Dimitri Tsiapkinis

Graduate of the UNCSA (1994, USA) and the  Fernando Pessoa University (2015, Portugal). Has danced, with various companies in Germany, France, and Greece. As an independent choreographer, he choreographed Ex-Gudrun (1992), Fish in the Bottle (1994), Regards-Periples (1996), Le Jardin Regarde (1997). Since 1996, he has been experimenting with somatics (PP / Danis Bois). He has collaborated with French choreographer Bernardo Montet as a performer in three national centers: CCNRB, Quartz, and CCNT (1995-2011). At the meantime, he founded the xsoma dance collective in Greece and directed 0,1 (2002), Apnea (2005) and numerous improvisation performances. In 2007 he obtains a Diploma in Art, Movement and Therapy, at the Lisbon Modern University and in 2015 a Masters’ degree for his research “Contemporary dance in psychiatry” (UFP, Porto / Portugal). Currently, he produces his projects as the artistic director of Omnivion where he directed : Delirium Tremens (2010), 0,2 / Thylax (2011), Golden Age (2012) and Newtopia 1-4 (2013-2017), a dance and mental health Festival in Tours (France). Since his first creation in Berlin in 1992, he has been developing a practice of contemporary dance centered on individual psychology and its potential for transformation. Nevertheless, this perspective evolved in order to include new knowledge from the field of Perceptive Pedagogy. Thus, in addition to these artistic experiments centered on the unity of psyche-sensitive body, he conducts artistic experiments in the Psychiatry departments of the CHRU of Tours (since 2011). Co-founder of the association Omnivion, he presents, between 2011-2014, several dance performances associating professionals, amateurs, healthcare teams and patients. Outside his Omnivion projects, he continues to collaborate with Bernardo Montet (Mawguerite Association) in Morlaix. Since 2007 he’s an assistant in Tai Chi (Chen style) of the 34th generation Shaolin Master Shi Yan Jun in Tours. Additionally, he teaches anatomy and kinesiology for dancers at the National Conservatories of Tours and Brest.

Full CV : Dimitri (CV)



Partenaires et financeurs :

DRAC Centre, ARS Centre, Fonds de dotation Transept37, CHRU de Tours, Arpents d’Artassociation Hébé, Psy sans frontières, Centre Sociale la Rabière.





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