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Actualités juillet-août 2018

Where do we get all this energy from? Looking back to all that we have produced this past season, we are amazed ! (for a report of our 2017 events download:

We reviewed our creative and administrative drive that promote our visions of the world we share.
Dance has this function that transcends speech, while preserving the right to integrate it into our choreographic immersions. So where does this creative force come from?Non-conclusive list of some (semi-)scholarly speculations in response to this (also semi-)rhetorical question :

from the unconscious desires of the authors of these acts (uh…)
from self-cradling impulses healing failures in our narcissistic development (too Freudian?)
from impulses of an extraterrestrial being who manipulates our neurons (why not ?!…)
from synchronicities of the local collective unconscious (too jungian?)
from our civic and / or professional commitment (can dance be political?)
from intellectual urgencies to retmodel-aestheticize our visions of the world (you remember Trinity in Matrix? The Beautiful-The True-The Good?)
from the

We do not claim that artists – professionals or amateurs – are the only ones who care about the human creative force, so we let YOU complete the list. You can even share it with our team! We would love to hear from you.

Our world seems to be at an extremely important historical turning point and we feel we are in a constant state of urgency. Some people consider it as huge as the Renaissance…

Will we inhabit another body in this new paradigm? A body liberated from the dichotomy – always ubiquitous – between body and mind?
A global being, who respects
her/him-self by respecting her multiple intelligences, while honouring his bonds with the terrestrial communities? Human, animal, vegetable?

Experts warn us of an ecosystems collapse and/or that of the global economy; will we be able to face our “demons”, heal our woes and create new worlds from our richest cultural heritages?
Let’s take time to make assessments, meet, contemplate on new possibilities and move towards
a more benevolent, more supportive, more sensitive global community.

Our Newtopia project is a drop in the ocean, but as in the hummingbird legend, we see some wonderful effects in our surroundings.

So, we will continue our human and artistic adventure in September.

A Big THANK YOU for the continued support: to our members, friends, partners and audience!
Have a
wonderful summer!

Dimitri Tsiapkinis

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