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News September – October 2019

Back to to school 2019 : OmniPresent?



NEWTOPIA 7 : Dance with the Trees!

Newtopia exists, among other things, thanks to trees! Without trees there is no life! The Amazon is burning and more than usual. What could the average citizen do? Sorry, I meant a Neutopean citizen. We cannot be omnipresent. We are saturated by the media…. Let us reduce the flow of information and cultivate quality information. In the meantime, there are some great reforestation projects like :  ReforestACTION.  

Let’s be present! We can create our own legends of the famous hummingbird. Presence is not cultivated in schools. Society seems to have given this task to artists, to people who are passionate about conscience, to religious people… How to cultivate your presence? How to avoid the powder that is being thrown in our eyes? Become wonderstruck from the stardust of our beautiful universe? We do not pretend to know how, but we put a large part of our kinesthetic deliriums at the service of presence in oneself, in others and in the world. Our team continues to be committed to the emancipation of the citizen through the arts of movement.

We’re almost there! Our Newtopia 7.4 inclusive event (curious as usual) is looking for its final form for September 27th. [Press Kit in French here] Just before that, we are in residence at La Pléiade for a short week!

Here are the key dates to remember for this beginning of the season:


Partners & financing : DRAC & ARS Centre, Fonds de dotation Transept37, CHRU de Tours, Ville de la Riche, Ville de Tours, Fondation SNCF, Arpents d’Art, Center for Dance and Theater of Milos, Centre Social la Rabière.


Stay in contact for the next Newtopia sessions and new workshops !

Dimitri Tsiapkinis and the Omnivion team  wishes you a passionate new season !

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