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News March – April 2020

“THE FUTURE OF ART” by STEOVILLE (edit) is licensed under CC BY-NC-ND 4.0

March-April 2021

Springtime of resisTance through dance, images and words!



« With each movement disappearing into the present time. No, it’s not Zen. It’s dancing… »

In the American, post-Jungian series, American Gods, Jesus rubs shoulders with Ostara, the Germanic goddess of spring… Despite death, sometimes on crosses, the mystery of life operates in order to renew the world. Constant creation nourished by the decomposition of the ancient worlds…

Who among us hasn’t had a family or friend’s story to share about slavery, deportation, confinement? Not many of us. And for those who avoid facing the violence of the wars of our time, far from “our cosy home”, there are still the ghosts of the Second World War…Memory games…

Ce printemps, ce renouveau existentiel de 2020, nous avons des projets de re-création de nos mondes vers des nouveaux (im-)possibles. Nous vous préparons un film sur un génie de l’Art Brut et une lecture performance solidaire et collaborative, générée pas la…censure ; nos moments forts pour les mois prochains. Questionner, encore et toujours, notre rapport à l’absurde, à la folie et au regard sensible des personnalités singulières du monde de la santé et du monde de l’art.

Mais pas que…

This springtime, this existential renewal of 2020, we have projects to re-create our worlds towards new (im-)possibilities. We are preparing a film projection on a genius of Art Brut and a collaborative and solidarity-based performance-lecture, generated by…censorship; our highlights for the coming months. We question, again and again, our relationship to the absurd, to madness and to the sensible perspectives by unique personalities of the health and art world.

But not just that…



And here is Charline Valenchon’s new graphic proposal with news from Arpents d’Art and Omnivion: Omnibrut V (PDF in french)


Partners and financing : DRAC et ARS Centre, Fonds de dotation Transept37, CHU de Tours, Ville de Tours, Arpents d’Art, Magazine Trakt, CNP de Tours, Center for Dance and Theater of Milos, Centre Social la Rabière.


Stay in touch for the next Newtopia sessions and new workshops!

Dimitri Tsiapkinis and the Omnivion team wish you a beautiful spring with lots of trees!


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