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News March – April 2019

Springtime : Time for fables!


Newtopia 7 goes ahead with new…antique propositions! Aesope, de La Fontaine…

The street claims more “democracy”, or maybe “another democracy”? It receives rather authoritarian responses. We know that the 21st century is going to be a hot century! Besides, weren’t they all “hot”? What values do we want to safeguard and what others do we want to put in the closet of history ?

With Newtopia 7.2  on revendique la transparence. Mettre les choses sur la table. Échanger. Sortir ses démons et jouer avec, plutôt que de les subir. S’appuyer sur les fables antiques. Grecques et/ou Françaises. With Newtopia 7.2 we claim transparency. Putting things on the table. Exchanging. Taking out our demons and playing with them, rather than just  suffering because of them. Could ancient fables inspire us? Greek and/or French? We’v been commissioned by a local cultural association to take a look at Aesop : The Franco-Hellénique Association of Tours, on March 8th at the  Ockeghem Hall! Info : Newtopia 7.2 

At the same time, rehearsals for Newtopia 7.4 will intensify in frequency and energy, to surprise us on September 27th at the Pléiade!

Education :

A new dance and mental health workshop has begun: dance and perceptual pedagogy with patients from the psychiatric mental health centre of the Confluence in Saint-Cyr-sur-Loire.


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