Photo par Bernard Duret

20H00 < Divine(s) (2018)

Performance inspired by the name of the company (Omnivion) and associated with spiritual symbolism. The multiplicity of life, the multiplicity of our beliefs. A choreographic jubilation of the expressive potential generated by a heterogeneous community. A group adventure that questions the sacred while welcoming the difference.

Conception / direction : Dimitri Tsiapkinis
Performed by : Cereza Candela, Marie Chapron, Emilie Coudère, Magali Dijoux, Nina Fourton, Claire Guillaume, Nikicha Jaillette, Roland Lebret, Catherine Mondou, Bruno Morin, Quentin Perrotte, Yvan Pousset, Rosa Pires de Matos, Dimitri Tsiapkinis.
Stage management & lighting : Marine Pourquié
Length : ~ 40min

Teaser : vimeo.com/DIVINES



The premiere will take place during Newtopia 6.1 at the Pléiade, at la Riche (37520), on April 5th, 2018, at 20H.

Info & reservations : e-cotiz.com/newtopia_6.1


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