Newtopia 2.0

Decorated, Surmi Tribe_Rod Waddington_(CC BY-SA 2.0)_edit

Decorated, Surmi Tribe_Rod Waddington_(CC BY-SA 2.0)_edit

Newtopia 2.0

Is the continuation of Newtopia 1 which was presented at the Chapel of the Capucins and the Chapel of St. Anne in Tours on June 8, 2013. It is a series of experimental artistic events focusing on dance and kinesthetic intelligence in the psychiatric environment.

Newtopia :  neologism derived from the word Utopia, with an optimistic connotation that refers to creative novelty and human potential. We are not in the hope of a utopian non-place but rather in a posture of confidence towards the future, despite the surrounding cynicism and despair from the financial, humanitarian and other crises.

The central point of the event is the question of the body as subject / sensitive body  in our societies and more specifically in connection with the psychiatric world. Interventions will be offered in places of the local cultural heritage in Tours, such as the Saint Anne Chapel, but also at the University Hospital of Tours and the National Choreographic Center of Tours.

How do we promote hybrid forms, between perceptual pedagogy and sensitive expressivity in which the subject-body occupies the core of our research? How can we support multireferential and multi-perspective approaches that stimulate debates and associates them with the principles of nonviolent communication?
Dates and program :

Newtopia 2.1

Perfromance & exposition : 19 septembre 2014 au Centre Chorégraphique National de Tours

Newtopia 2.2

Performances : 7th of December, 2014 at the Chapelle Sainte Anne in Tours / La Riche (program: HERE)

Newtopia 2.3

Performances : 10th & 13th of December 2014 at the University Hospital of Tours  and on April 24th, 2015 at the Psychiatric Clinic of VontesINFO


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