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Actualités Janvier – Février 2019

2019 : Utopias or Newtopias?

New opportunities
to celebrate life
and build better worlds!


Newtopia 7 begins and will focus on dialectics about living together in community.

The century we are living in will force us to redefine our conceptions of democracy and especially its real applications…

After these school holidays that punctuate our societies, we plunge back into the intensity of our dance projects. Moreover, in democratic schools, families can decide when the school holidays will be! Oh, yeah? And what are democratic schools? It is difficult to answer quickly, but we are offering you a film at the Studio cinemas to introduce you to the debate on new pedagogies; pedagogies that contribute to the education of citizens worthy of democratic utopias. But let’s look at our newtopian proposals in chronological order.

Here’s the program :

<< 7-31 January 2019 : Final exposition Closer to One’s self through Movement, by Bernard Duret, Centre Gentiana / Léo Lagrange / Tours (37000). Vernissage on January the 10th, at 6PM.

<< 17 January 2019 : Newtopia 7.1Alternative education and democracy in schools, / projection of the film Être plutôt qu’Avoir by Agnès Fouilleux (France-2018-1h28) & debate, in partnership with the CEMEA and the CNP (Cinéma National Populaire) at the Cinémas Studio / Tours (37000)

<< 22 January 2019 : Newtopia 7.1 / Dance Conference : Inclusive dance, with Dimitri Tsiapkinis and the APAJ37, Tours (37000)



Contemporary dance workshop in Orleans (45000) with Dimitri Tsiapkinis :

> 2-3 March 2019. INFO : DIMITRI!

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